Aesthetics Doctor, NHS and Private GP
Botox  |  Dermal Fillers  |  Skin Tag Removal  |  Lip Enhancement

Dr Paul Skinner combines his knowledge and experience as an NHS GP, a private family doctor and a facial aesthetics doctor to provide a safe, caring and confidential service. Offering a range of injectable cosmetic Botox and Filler treatments.


With skilled and careful treatment by an experienced doctor, these injections will reduce the excessive wrinkling we associate with age without producing the ‘frozen’ look that many of us are concerned about.

Dermal Fillers

Using “dermal fillers” injected into the lower parts of the face we can fill out the sunken areas. This has two effects: firstly, the chemicals “plump up” these areas; secondly, the modern high quality fillers we use at Brook Green Aesthetics have been shown to promote an increase in the collagen production within the skin. Used skilfully, fillers can help reshape the face to return some of its youthful structure and appearance.

Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are very commonly-found, harmless “tags” of skin, found in many parts of the body. We can quickly and painlessly remove the skin tags, with no stitches required.

Lip Enhancement

Are you looking to enhance the shape of your lips? Would you like more defined or fuller lips? We specialise in enhancing appearance using a range of lip fillers tailored especially for you.

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