Using “dermal fillers” injected into the lower parts of the face we can fill out the sunken areas. This has two effects: firstly, the chemicals “plump up” these areas; secondly, the modern high quality fillers used by Dr Paul have been shown to promote an increase in the collagen production within the skin. Used skilfully, fillers can help reshape the face to return some of its youthful structure and appearance.

We use the Juvéderm® range of facial fillers which can enhance areas of the face. Click here for more information and to see Before and After photos of actual patients.

Fine Lines (softening fine lines and wrinkles)
Cheeks (enhancing cheek bones)
Marionette Lines (softening the lines from the corners of the mouth)
Nasolabial Lines (softening the folds from nose to mouth)
Tear Troughs (under-eye shadowing)
all priced from £295 per area
For Juvederm Vycross Range (longer-lasting) add £70 to above prices