Janie Larus-McShane, Bsc (Hons) Homeopathy, PhD (Clinical Psychology)

We all manage our own health in a variety of ways. Sometimes we make a visit to the GP or pharmacist, or perhaps make a change in diet, or decide to take a few supplements that are understood to be ‘good for you’. Homeopathy is an alternative approach to health that is natural and holistic and works alongside other treatments.  It is a positive addition to your toolbox of healthcare. (more…)


Traditional Chinese Acupuncture | Cosmetic Acupunture | Reiki

Traditional Chinese Acupunture
Traditional Chinese Medicine is a system of complementary therapies that have been used for over 2,000 years. The medicine includes a broad range of practices that began in China, all based on the common concept of helping the body heal when it experiences imbalances.Fine needles are inserted into the skin at specific points in the body. Each point has specific functions that assist in the healing process. Cupping and moxibustion can also be added to benefit a treatment. (more…)